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1 hour private lesson with Dominic Bridge – $120
5-10 hr private lesson package discount – $100/hr

Available to leaders, followers, and couples. Up to (2) participants.
Floor fees at The Sanctuary included in above


Private lessons are for those who are looking for an accelerated learning experience in a safe and professional one-on-one setting. I offer a unique approach that yields consistently excellent results, which respect the time, energy, and financial investment of the student.

After nearly 20 years of constant one-on-one teaching, I am experienced in working with people of all backgrounds: from the double-left-footed to ex-professional athletes and classically trained dancers. Many of my students achieve a better level of technique and comfort in dancing after 50 hours than most decade-long dancers.

I specialize in taking beginner students in the followers role with previous athletic or dance history to a proficient level within their first 8-10 hours of lessons, where they can confidently enter a social dance space and engage with other dancers. My teaching focuses on imparting the basic fundamental techniques and vocabulary of the dance, allowing my students to continue learning and growing from their social dance experiences. With my guidance, my students develop a strong foundation and understanding of Argentine tango, setting them up for immediate success in their dance journey.

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